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black cat shaped shallow bowl with painted face and green eyes against grey background

Cool Kitty Cat Bowl


The Cool Cat Kitty Bowl is the perfect addition to feeding time! This uniquely handmade dish is shallow and wide so kitties' whiskers do not experience fatigue while eating. Glossy and easy to clean, the Cool Cat Kitty Bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe. Feeding time with pizzazz!


Each bowl is handmade on a potter's wheel and the colors are individually made using slip and mason stains. Bending in ears and carving the kitty face adds a final touch before the bowl meets the kiln.


Even though these dishes are designed for feeding, they are also perfect for the cat lover looking for trinket dishes and unique coasters, really the options are endless.

  • Disclaimer

    Here at Crisanthemum Ceramics, each product is handmade JUST for you! Our photos showcase ONE unique item. The item you receive may not look EXACTLY like the one listed in the photo when it comes to precise shape and the way the glaze flows over the item. These differences should be embraced and cherished!

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