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white diamond shaped soap dish with a spout on the front and three small ceramic flowers inside against a grey backdrop

Self Draining Sink Caddy (Soap Dish)

Our Self Draining Sink Caddy is the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen sink. This innovative soap dish keeps your sink mess-free by allowing excess water to drain directly into the sink. The drainage hole ensures that your soap stays dry and doesn't turn into a slimy mess. Made from high-quality pottery, this sink caddy is both stylish and functional. Say goodbye to soggy soap and hello to a clean, organized sink with our Self Draining Sink Caddy.
  • Disclaimer

    Here at Crisanthemum Ceramics, each product is handmade JUST for you! Our photos showcase ONE unique item. The item you receive may not look EXACTLY like the one listed in the photo when it comes to precise shape and the way the glaze flows over the item. These differences should be embraced and cherished!

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