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A matte blue newlywed starter set with an airy white background

Single Person Starter Kit

Introducing our Single Starter Kit for ceramics enthusiasts! This kit has everything you need to get started on your handmade collection. With a variety of pieces including a utensil holder, oil bottle, soup bowl with handle, wine glass, spoon rest, shot glass, mug, and teaspoon rest, this kit is perfect for beginners. Not only is it a great way to start your collection, but it's also a fantastic value - these pieces are built to last a lifetime. Start your journey into ceramics today with our Single Starter Kit.
Glaze Option
  • Disclaimer

    Here at Crisanthemum Ceramics, each product is handmade JUST for you! Our photos showcase ONE unique item. The item you receive may not look EXACTLY like the one listed in the photo when it comes to precise shape and the way the glaze flows over the item. These differences should be embraced and cherished!

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