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Wedding Gifts

Choosing the Perfect Gift for Newlyweds: Crisanthemum Ceramics

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, Crisanthemum Ceramics is an excellent choice, no matter the occasion. Our extensive selection of products has recently been expanded to include Newlywed Starter Sets. If you're looking to start a handmade dish collection or have a loved one who has recently tied the knot, Crisanthemum Ceramics is sure to have the perfect starter set just for you. 

We also offer multiple custom products and private events for those who are planning a wedding. Our glaze events are perfect for Bachelorette or Bachelor parties, and our custom wedding gifts make the perfect lifetime keepsake. 

A logo shot glass on a beautiful white table
Logo wedding favors, arranged neatly on a table, decorated for dining at a reception
Logo products arranged on a dining table at a wedding

Photos courtesy of Joshua Corey Photo.

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Looking for something custom made?

Crisanthemum Ceramics also offers custom logo products for special events such as weddings or anniversaries. Choose between three pre-made logos, or for an extra $20.00, have a custom logo designed for you. 

Wedding Logo Templates.png
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