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About Crisanthemum Ceramics

"Bringing handmade to your every day."

Crisanthemum Ceramics is a pottery shop located in beautiful historic downtown Mount Airy. Founded in 2021 by artist Cris Tadesse, Crisanthemum Ceramics has a focus on handmade products meant for daily use.


Cris Tadesse

Hi! My name is Cris Tadesse and I am the founder and potter behind Crisanthemum Ceramics.

My goal as an artist is to make items that can be used daily to enhance your everyday routine and put a smile on your face!



Crisanthemum Ceramics is focused on handmade, personalized items, meant for daily use. Our mission is to produce products that have personal value and enhance your daily routine. Our products make fantastic gifts, and our events are focused on bringing people together through creativity.


My vision for Crisanthemum Ceramics has always involved goal-setting, growth, and community engagement. Within the past year, I've been focused on building an environment that can facilitate positive growth to enhance quality and customer satisfaction.

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