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Pen Friends

Here at Crisanthemum Ceramics, we strive to create functional and beautiful objects that add a touch of whimsy to your day-to-day life. Our Pen Friends are just one example of the unique products we offer. In 2024, we decided to rebrand our Pen Friends to showcase our beloved shop cat and dog, Beans and Zumi. Keep reading below to learn more about their story...



In the Crisanthemum Ceramics studio, there’s one furry friend who stands out among the clay and kilns, our faithful assistant, Beans. His wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm infuse every corner with warmth and joy. Beans eagerly welcomes each day, ready to meet new friends and share their stories with everyone he meets.


Beatrice the Butterfly

In the Crisanthemum Ceramics studio, the arrival of Beatrice the butterfly brought a sprinkle of magic each day. Beans and Zumi eagerly awaited her, their hearts dancing with joy at her fluttering presence. Together, they played amidst the pottery, their bond growing stronger with each enchanting moment shared.



Zumi adds a touch of mischief to the studio’s vibrant atmosphere being the second studio assistant. Best friends to Beans, you can find him on patrol around the studio and neighborhood. After checking in on everyone, you can find him curled up next to Beans for a relaxing nap.


Steve the Squirrel

Every morning, Steve hops over the fence into the Crisanthemum Ceramics yard to catch up with his friends Beans and Zumi. They eagerly share the day’s studio happenings while he explores, his curiosity leading him on adventures among the trees and flowers. Steve’s visits add a touch of excitement to the studio.

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Pen Friends

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