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Pen Friend - Steve the Squirrel

Pen Friend - Steve the Squirrel


Meet Steve the Squirrel, our Pen Friends companion! A Pen Friend handmade ceramic pet is a great way to happy up your workspace! Pen Friends are also a perfect homework companion for kids of every age. Great as gifts for teachers, your favorite doctor's office, or anyone who owns a pen and could use a smile!


In 2024, we decided to rebrand our Pen Friends to showcase our beloved shop cat and dog, Beans and Zumi, along with all their companions and the treasures they find through their adventures!


The Pen Friend works best on a flat surface. Pen Friends are handmade and decorated and kiln-fired to cone 6 to ensure they will last and hold your pen until the end of time! Pen Friends are available for immediate rehoming - order yours today!

  • Disclaimer

    Here at Crisanthemum Ceramics, each product is handmade JUST for you! Our photos showcase ONE unique item. The item you receive may not look EXACTLY like the one listed in the photo when it comes to precise shape and the way the glaze flows over the item. These differences should be embraced and cherished!

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