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Book Club Face Mugs

The Book Club is a project started by Crisanthemum Ceramics and local artist Pam Tripus back in May 2023 as a fundraiser for Northwestern Regional Library Writer's Road Show. 


Each face mug has their own name, personality, and story to tell. Plus each is equipped with their own personalized bookmark to tell their unique story! These mugs make fantastic gifts, especially for the avid reader in your life.


Paisley Pucker

Paisley works as a model for a clothing outlet. Lately, she has become interested in enhancing her beauty through lip filler treatments.



She is the immortal sister of Medusa. Though often overshadowed by her infamous sibling, her strength remains an indomitable force, a beacon of unwavering might in the face of adversity.


As she immerses herself in tales of passion and devotion, even the fiercest warrior can find respite in the arms of love's gentle embrace.



Madelyn is a local entomologist whose life's work involves admiring and cataloging ladybugs.



She is the forgotten melody in Peter Piper's tale. Though her brother gained fame for his pepper-picking prowess, it was Penelope who imparted the skills and secrets of cultivation.


Her love for music was as enchanting as her green thumb, teaching Peter to play the pipe with melodies that danced among the pepper vines. Yet, history has relegated her to obscurity, a silent guardian of the Piper legacy.


Dr. Ernie Grinn

Dr. Grinn is the local ENT specialist whose journey into the world of nasal cavities remains shrouded in mystery. Despite his elusive origins, his expertise in rectifying deviated septums is unparalleled, earning him the trust and admiration of his community.



A philosopher whose classroom echoes with the whispers of ancient wisdom.


As the summer breeze beckons, he eagerly anticipates diving into the depths of his reading list, embracing each book as a new chapter in his quest for enlightenment.

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